Nadine Giardetti
Phone: 807-623-4455
Cell: 807-473-6712
Locations Served: Thunder Bay

Nadine Giardetti is a life long resident of Thunder Bay and has spent the last 19 years as a Sales Representative in the Thunder Bay market. Prior to getting into real estate Nadine worked as a secretary/office manager in the family business with her husband Peter Jr. Nadine is married to Peter Jr. and have 4 grown children. Cathy works for her husband Dr. A. Affleck and they have 3 children, Sharon is a dietitian in Peterborough and has 2 children, Paul is a mechanical engineer (Queens) and is the production manager for Ontario Power Generator. Paul is married to Cindy, who works for Parks Canada, and they have a set of young twins. Peter is a civil engineer (McGill) and is Manager of Manufacturing at Bowater and is married to Tara who is manager of Woodlands Accounting at Bowater. Nadine's top priority is her clients satisfaction. Call Nadine today at 473-6712, you'll be glad you did!

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